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Oracle Overview

A database is a collection of related data that is handled as a single entity. A database management system (DBMS) is a software application that stores manage, and retrieves massive amounts of data in a multi-user environment, allowing multiple users to concurrently access the same data.

Oracle Database is an object-relational database management system that enables database users to achieve efficiency and effectiveness by delivering high performance, preventing users from unwanted access, and enabling rapid failure recovery.

Oracle Assignment Help Schema for Human Resources (HR)

A database schema is a collection of metadata that explains how the data in a database relate to one another. A schema can be thought of as a database’s “layout” or the design that defines how data is grouped into tables.

Schema objects (Tables, Indexes, and Views, for example) are data-contained database objects. We conduct operations on data by utilizing these objects. Each schema object is associated with a certain schema.

Among the most often used schema objects are the following:

Tables are the fundamental data storage units in an Oracle database. Data is kept in rows and columns in this table. A table is defined by a table name and a collection of columns.
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Indexes: Performance-tuning techniques that enable records to be retrieved more quickly.

Views: Memory-resident representations of SQL statements that can be reused.


Human Resources (HR) schema is included in the Oracle Sample Schemas installation package for Oracle Database.

Oracle SQL Assignment Help

The following tables are included in the schema:


  1. The REGIONS table contains rows corresponding to a certain region, such as the Americas or Asia.
  2. Each entry in the COUNTRIES table represents a country, which is paired with a region.
  3. The LOCATIONS table contains the specific addresses for a company’s offices, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities in a given country.
  4. The DEPARTMENTS table offers information about each employee’s department. Each department may have a relationship in the EMPLOYEES table indicating the department manager.
  5. The EMPLOYEES table contains information about each employee assigned to a particular department. Certain individuals may be allocated to no department at all.
  6. The JOBS table offers information about the job classifications that an employee may possess.
  7. The JOB HISTORY table stores information about an employee’s employment history.

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